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Sub-option SAVEAS

This is the option normally used when any grid editing has been done. It brings up a request for the name of the file in which the final version of the grid is to be saved. Following this file save, the user is asked if triangle and criteria lists should also be output, and if so, what filenames are to be used for these. If no file output is desired, type QUIT at the filename prompt as instructed.

The triangle list is in TRIANG format (see Appendix A). As an option, the triangle code can be included in the triangle list as an extra column of data. The file will contain 4 node numbers and the triangle code (material property) on each line. For triangles, the fourth node number is 0. This case MUST be used for FESWMS dat files for proper conversion in the program TRI2FSWM.

The criteria list is a free format list of numerical criteria describing triangle properties. There is one record per triangle, each record containing five numbers expressing the shape (degree of equilateralness), average depth, area/depth ratio, clockwiseness of the triangle and the presence of angles greater than 90 degrees. The criteria list can be used by program TRISTATS to provide grid statistics.

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