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This permits optional display of digitized boundary data from a file in DIGIT format and provides control over the colour used to display this data. The default colour is green. In this case, the heading BOUNDARY CONFIGURATION comes up in the right-hand panel, followed by sub-headings DISPLAY FLAG and BOUNDARY FILE; the initial settings for the latter are OFF and NONE respectively. To display the boundaries, place the cursor on NONE beside BOUNDARY FILE, click the mouse and then enter the name of the file containing the digitized boundary data. The filename entered will appear in the panel and the DISPLAY FLAG will automatically turn to ON. Note that any alternative boundary data file in DIGIT format can be displayed later in the session simply by changing the name of the file to be read in. Of course, any suitably formatted data, even digitized lettering, could be read in and displayed under this option.

The digitized data is read in "on-the-fly" from disk every time it is displayed. This permits virtually unlimited amounts of digitized lines, characters, etc. to be displayed, though the process is slow compared to display of the grid data, which is stored in memory. For this reason, and because display of the boundaries is often needed for only part of an editing session, display of boundaries can be turned off by placing the cursor on ON beside DISPLAY FLAG and clicking the mouse.

When any required changes have been made in the boundary configuration panel, move the cursor on to ACCEPT at the bottom of the panel and click the mouse.

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