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Sub-option RESHAPE

RESHAPE provides a simplified version of the facility offered by program SMOOTH for improving the equilateralness of most triangles in the grid by making appropriate adjustments in the positions of interior vertices. Use of this option is recommended after any editing operations that involve adding or deleting any vertices or connections between vertices. Unlike SMOOTH, RESHAPE makes only three passes through the grid, treats the interior vertices in order of their indices, and leaves a vertex in its original position if the computed adjustment is less than about 1the polygon formed by its neighbours. The depth at each new vertex position is computed automatically by linear interpolation, but it is recommended that, for better accuracy, all depths should be recomputed using program REDEP at the end of the editing session if RESHAPE has been used.

Unlike all the other editing operations, RESHAPE cannot be reversed; it is recommended that the current grid be saved using {TOP.SAVE}INTERIM (see below) if there is any likelihood of requiring the grid as it is prior to reshaping.

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