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TRIGRID contributors

Early development of TRIGRID was carried out at the Institute of Ocean Sciences by Lynda Williams, Kin Wu, and Russ Kirby, under the supervision of Edmand Fok, to specifications developed by Falconer Henry. Modification of the interactive editor to permit color marking of triangles was done by Robin Parlee, Gordon Laine and John Snider, students in the Camosun College Computer Technology program. The node editor (NODER) was developed by John MacLeod over two workterms of the Camosun College Computing Technology course. Roy Walters wrote the sampling program (SAMPLER) and the interactive display and plotting programs PLOTGRID and PLOTMOD which were later merged into a single program (DISPLOT).

Reorganisation of the package for conversion to GKS graphics and implementation on a MicroVAX was carried out by Roy Walters, U.S. Geological Survey. Daphne Connolly and Steve Prestage of Camosun College later ported the Editor to a PC-AT, at the same time introducing mouse input and other improvements.

Francisco Werner and Mike Hagin, Skidaway Institute of Oceanography, in cooperation with Roy Walters, ported TRIGRID to SUN workstations. Adrian Dolling and John MacLeod, of Channel Consulting, Victoria, ported TRIGRID to the IBM RS 6000 workstation, under contract from IBM Bergen. Dave Greenberg produced the first X-GKS version of TRIGRID and ran it on Sun and Data General workstations and also on a PC with the Linux operating system.

More recently, Adrian Dolling has taken a lead role in changing the menu structure for added flexibility, and has ported TRIGRID to MS-Windows for the PC.

Channel Consulting Ltd.