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Contents Of TOP Menu

After the nodes have been read in and displayed, the following master menu appears across the top of the screen:

The entries in this menu indicate further sub-menus, which can be selected by picking the appropriate word in the menu.


  1. In the following discussion, each menu item is prefixed or followed by a reminder in curly brackets of which menu the option appears in, e.g. option INDIVID in the TOP menu will be referred to as "{TOP}INDIVID" or as option "INDIVID in {TOP}"; option INTERIOR in the INDIVID sub-menu will be referred to as "{TOP.INDIVID}INTERIOR" or option "INTERIOR in {TOP.INDIVID}"
  2. All menus except the top menu have a quit option which switches control upwards to the menu most likely to be needed next, usually the immediately preceding menu. This option is chosen by picking the menu title on the leftmost part of the menu.
  3. When information is displayed in the right-hand panel, quantities shown in cyan can be changed by Picking the currently displayed value and then entering the required value via the keyboard. Some of the items shown in cyan can be toggled between two values by Picking the current value. Where a color is being chosen, the default color is shown as a solid bar; alternative colors can be displayed in succession by Picking repeatedly on the color bar. Values shown in yellow cannot be changed by Picking.
  4. In some information panels discussed below, default values are indicated by square brackets [ ].

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