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Sub-option SHOWDEPS

The purpose of SHOWDEPS is to permit convenient monitoring of water depth by placing at each node a marker whose colour depends on depth in a manner indicated in the right-hand panel, which looks as follows:


The depth versus color table indicates how a node will be colored according to water depth. For example, if the water depth at a particular node is 40m, then a marker in color 3 will be placed at the node when REDRAW is Picked, since 40m lies in the third depth range, between the limits 25m and 50m. The depth values shown above are the default values for the upper limits. To change any individual limit, Pick the current value with the cursor and enter the new value. All the upper limits can be changed simultaneously by Picking the current value of the Limits Scale Factor and entering a new value. As soon as this is done, all the limits will be multiplied by this factor and the new limits will be displayed. Any of the colors used in the table can be changed by Picking the current value repeatedly until the required color shows up. Default limits and colors can be restored by Picking the appropriate keyword (displayed in red) below the table.

Normally, only interior nodes will be colored under this option, but coloring boundary nodes according to depth can be toggled on by Picking opposite "Boundary Nodes".

Picking ACCEPT causes the display to be updated if any display options have been changed.

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