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OKNODE and OKNEIGH are disgned to check that NODE and NEIGH format files respectively conform to prescribed Trigrid formats. They will normally be used to check imported files about to be used for the first time as input to Trigrid programs.

Both programs can correct various minor errors that are found in the input files and go on to produce output files in the correct format. If severe errors are encountered, error messages will be generated to indicate where corrections msut be made using a text editor or other means. Wherever possible, after encountering an eror, these programs continue checking susequent records in the input file rather than stop.

Both programs check for unwanted alphabetic and punctuation characters; both produce a log of any errors detected (files oknode.log and okneigh.log repectively. The following non-numerical characters will not cause an error message to be generated:

+ - , . e E space

No attempt is made to distinguish between e and E used legitimately in expressing a real number in E-format and a stray e or E appearing in some other context. No error message is generated in either case.

The programs cannot detect TAB characters directly, as there is no ASCII code for TAB, but issue an error message when a certaiin type of error (premature end of character string) occurs that may be caused by TABs.

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