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NODE (.nod)

This format is used to describe a set of points in three dimensions. The points include sets of connected boundary points, and unconnected interior points.

Files of this format are edited and/or created by the NODER program, and are used as input to the GRIDIT program.

The format is:

Line 1: total number of nodes in the file - an integer NTOT

Line 2: total number of boundaries in the file - an integer NBTOT

Line 3: Number of points in the first boundary - an integer NBTHIS

Lines 4 - 4+NBTHIS-1: x, y, z values for one point on current boundary

Lines 3 and 4... are repeated NBTOT times for the boundaries, and then one additional time for the unconnected interior points. The value of NBTHIS for the interior points may be zero.

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