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Triangulation of model grid nodes - Demonstration Case

Triangulation of the set of nodes for the model grid proceeds exactly as in the case of the depth grid, described in Section 2.5, except of course that the input file for GRIDIT is now mod.nod . Choose some name such as mtest.ngh for the output file for GRIDIT, the initial m serving as a reminder that this is a model grid, not a depth grid, and the extension .ngh indicating that the grid is in NEIGH format.

Triangulation takes only a few seconds on a 486 with dep.nod as input. The triangle and grid files output should prove to be identical to mod1.tri and mod1.ngh in trigrid/demodata. This grid is plotted in Figure 3.4.

Figure: The grid produced by the triangulation program GRIDIT from the set of model grid nodes shown in Figure 3.3

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