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Organization of user manual

Following this introductory chapter, construction of depth and model grids are explained in Chapters 2 to 3 for a straightforward demonstration case. Sufficient detail is given to allow the novice user to work through this case and so learn the most essential procedures. All the necessary data files for this demonstration case are supplied with the TRIGRID package.

In Part II, Chapters 4 to 14, all the operations which can be carried out with the individual programs are described. Since the five interactive programs, SAMPLER, NODER, EDITOR, SPLITTER and DISPLOT have some features in common, for instance, the windowing options, these are discussed only once, in Chapter gif.

It is intended to add at a later date a chapter or chapters explaining and illustraitng more sophisticated manipulations of triangular grids which can be carried out with the TRIGRID package.

Part III, The final chapter of the manual lists the various file formats used for input and output of data, using examples taken from the demonstration case distributed as part of TRIGRID.

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