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Sub-option CONFIG

This option gives access to a side-menu for setting colours and contour levels. First, the variable to contour plot must be identified. If the first option, depth, is chosen, the depth values from the grid file are contoured. The remaining seven items in the prompt correspond to the seven fields of data in the input file (see description under OpenResultsFile). The contour values are automatically scaled from the input data. These values can be changed individually by selecting the number with the cursor. The user is prompted for a new value. All the values can be changed by changing either or both the maximum and minimum values, then selecting ADD with the cursor. The contour values will be re-interpolated from these 2 extreme values. Finally, there is an option to plot contour labels. If the option is selected and toggled ON, then after each contour is drawn there is a request for a contour label. These labels are placed using the cursor. Choosing a location in the upper right corner of the plot window stops the current label value and continues on to the next contour.

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