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Sub-option CONFIG

This option creates a right-side window which controls the parameters used in the vector plots. Picking the TYPE toggles between VELOCITY, tidal ELLIPSE, or energy FLUX. If VELOCITY is chosen, the velocity is plotted according to the conventions described under OpenResultsFile in {TOP.FILE}OPENGRIDFILE. If ELLIPSE is chosen and the input data has been converted to amplitude and phase, a tidal current ellipse will be drawn, using the conventions in Foreman [1978]. If the rotation is clockwise, the ellipse is drawn in the grid primary colour (default: cyan), whereas if the rotation is counterclockwise, the ellipse is drawn in the grid secondary colour (default: red). Finally, if FLUX is chosen, the depth-integrated energy flux is plotted (see Henry and Foreman [1977] or Crawford [1984]).

After picking SCALE, a prompt appears to enter a multiplicative scaling factor applicable to the vector length. Picking VSCALE and LABEL leads to a prompt to enter a velocity amplitude and a character label for its value in order to create a reference velocity vector with a scale label. The scaling factor is retained until a new file is read in at which time the new data set is automatically scaled. For ellipses, Vscale scales the major axis. For energy flux, Vscale scales the quantity [IMAGE ], which has units of [IMAGE ] .

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