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TriGrid/Win32 Distribution Centre

As with all other TriGrid programs, the full capacity of these distributions are only supplied under a licencing agreement. Without a licence, the programs will run in demonstration mode, with a limit of 2,000 nodes in the resulting grids.

The latest version of TriGrid/Win32, can be downloaded and installed from (3.8Mb).

Transfer hints

To transfer the setup files, create a temporary directory, and transfer the TriGrid Windows 95/NT setup files.

If you are using an ftp program to do the transfers, please remember to transfer in binary mode.

Each setup is distributed as a single file, too large for a single floppy disk. If you need to transfer to another computer via floppy disk, we recommend using an archiving utility like PKZip or the backup command to create a multi-disk archive, which can then be used to effect the transfer.


TriGrid/Win32 as installed will run as a demonstration (or student) version limited to 2,000 nodes. The configurations supplied can be extended to 50,000 or 250,000 nodes, once a combined hardware and software licence key is provided and installed. Please contact us at Channel to obtain this if required.

Older distributions are described below

There are two distributions here, one configured for up to 50,000 nodes, and another for up to 250,000 nodes. You also need to ensure that you have the required system files (see below). Each of these distributions is the same size, but you need more memory resources on your system to run the 250,000 node version, so it is worth choosing the 50,000 node version if this will suffice. You can change from one to the other at any time, or you have both installed (but in different locations).

The 50,000 node version is in file (~2.3Mb).

The 250,000 node version is in file (~2.3Mb).

If you are using the Editor Revision (250,000 nodes) or (50,000 nodes) from the releases of 27 January 1998, you should replace it with the version in one of:

When each setup file has been transferred to a scratch directory on the target computer (see below for transfer hints), it should be run to perform the installation. When running the setup, the last step says that your system will be rebooted. This is only necessary if you are running with a hardware key supplied by Channel. To prevent rebooting your computer, either press the "Cancel" button in the setup dialog, or the "No" button in the "Shut Down Windows" dialog that is displayed before shutting down the computer.

System library files

In addition, you may need to install some library files to support Digital Visual Fortran (5.0a) and Microsoft Visual C++ 5.0. These files are provided in a separate setup, as they are only needed once, and not by all users.

The system library files (may not be needed by all users) are provided in file (~1.1Mb). The system files required to support the TG97 distribution are all placed into the MS Windows system directory (usually c:\windows\system). The required files and their creation dates are: DFORMD.DLL (4 August 1997), MFC42.DLL (31 January 1997), and MSVCRT.DLL (22 January 1997). You will need a version of these files that is of the same date or newer than each of these files. If you already have these files, you do not need to get them again.

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