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Checking the depth grid using the EDITOR program

Select the EDITOR from the main menu and nominate dep.ngh as the input file. The initial display will show the whole of the grid just computed with GRIDIT. For grids with more than 1000 nodes, only the boundaries will be displayed until {.DISPLAY}REFRESH is picked.

The main use of the EDITOR, so far as the depth grid is concerned, is to look for errors in triangulation. To do this, pick {TOP}TEST, then option {.TEST}CHECKNODES. If no errors are detected, a message 'No errors detected in grid. Can now output recovered nodes', followed by 'Enter output NODE file name or "NONE" :' will appear. Enter 'NONE' in this case and return to the top menu by picking the lefthand menu title twice. At this stage, with confirmation that a satisfactory depth grid has been produced, you can either pick 'EXIT' and proceed directly to development of a model grid (see the next chapter) or try out some other useful features of the EDITOR, such as those described below.

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